Starsplint – A Very Smart Product

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to treat patients suffering from headaches or bruxism, the Starsplint Clench X or Starsplint Original are solutions. Studies have shown up to 70% reduction in clenching and grinding forces when wearing NTI type splints. In fact the majority of head, neck and facial sufferers experience relief overnight.

Starsplint Original

The Starsplint Original offers a conventional splint design coupled with some features that allow you to say goodbye to all of the problems associated with hard acrylic splints. The Starsplint is constructed with our unique dual laminate acrylic. The fitting surface of the Starsplint is made from a heat cured thermoplastic resin. By placing the splint in warm water for 30 seconds prior to insertion, the Starsplint passes over hard tissue undercuts and seats without adjustment. The occlusal surface of the Starsplint is made from a high impact heat cured acrylic, ensuring the Starsplint is the most durable splint you will find.

Adams Clasps & Ball clasps can be added to the Starsplint original on request.

Michigan Splint

The Starsplint original with canine guidance

Starsplint – Soft

The Starsplint Soft is a full arch soft splint made from Erkoflex 95 – 4mm thickness,which has a considerably higher shore hardness than conventional mouth guard materials.

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to treat patients suffering from headaches or bruxism, the Starsplint Clench X is a solution. Based on the principles of the NTI Suppression System, the design of the Clench X takes advantage of the protective reflex which suppresses the temporalis muscles from contracting with their fullest intensity.

The Clench X is made from Starsplint’s unique hard/soft laminated acrylic. Clench X is made to average values on a semi-adjustable articulator, ensuring that occlusal adjustments are practically non existent.

Starsplint – ClenchX

The suckdown hard/soft is made form Erkoloc-pro with 3 mm thickness.

The Starsplint can be made to any design requested. Point contact, anterior repositioning splints – just let us know and our experienced technicians will do the rest.

Starsplint –

Suckdown Hard & Soft


Gelb is a flat plane mandibular splint, with occlusal coverage over the posteriors. A metal lingual bar is usually the major connector.

Garcia Appliance (day,night), Farrar Appliance and Olmos appliances available

Starguard – Serious Mouth Protection

Our mouth guards can be personalised for no extra charge. Company ,School , Club &Team Sponsors logos can be inserted during the lamination process. All mouthguards have the owners name inserted for easy identification. A colour chart is supplied for download to allow patients to choose colours. Mouth Guards can be made in a combination of colours and with added designs eg Fangs and slogans.

We believe that every dentist wants to do the very best for their patients. That is why we introduced Starguard, to meet the growing demand for a custom laminated mouth guard that offers the highest level of protection available.

Why choose a laminated mouth guard?

The lamination process allows each Starguard to be prescribed to an optimal thickness for each age, sport and level of competition. They can also be customised to take into account orthodontics, mixed dentition, missing teeth and anatomical variations of Class I, II and III dentitions.

The result is a mouth guard with proper incisal and occlusal thicknesses of between 3-5mm depending on the design.

Starguard mouthguards are manufactured by high heat and 6 atmospheres of pressure, resulting in the precise adaptation of the material to the mould. All the memory is eliminated from the material ensuring that the mouth guard will not deform when worn for long periods of time. Speech and oxygen uptake are not impeded.

The materials used in the manufacture of Starguard have a shore hardness of 80 and are completely bio-compatible. Each Starguard has the elastic modulus to absorb shock but is tough enough so that under a hard blow it will not split. It is also precision balanced for the proper occlusal force distribution necessary to minimise concussions.

Tests have shown that custom laminated mouthguards can provide up to 10 times the level of protection of self fitting mouthguards and 5 times the level of protection of vacuum formed mouthguards.

Bite registrations are checked to ensure some contacts of the upper teeth.

Serious Mouth Protection In 3 Easy Steps….

1. Taking the impressions
Because Starguard mouthguards are balanced for optimal distribution of occlusal forces we require the following:

Upper impression
All occlusal surfaces
Full palatal impression
Lower impression
All occlusal surfaces and full extensions
Bite Registration
Models (please pour up in 100% dental stone)
Prescription form (please ensure you fill in all necessary information correctly)

2. Sending to the laboratory
Carefully package the models, prescription from and bite registration (if required) and send to:
Codentech Dental Laboratory
Level 4, 6 Arawa Street

3. Delivery and Fitting
Please allow five working days from receipt of the models by our staff for the return of your Starguard mouthguard. A fitting must be arranged with your patient to check the mouthguard fit.
Issues that should be covered in this fitting should include:

Tissue extensions
Balanced occlusion
Retentive fit
Upper lip position

Valplast – Flexible Partials

Valplast was the original flexible partial on the world market. It has been available in the United States since the early 1950’s.

Since its introduction, Valplast has remained the same. It was developed, tested and perfected over a six year period before it was released commercially. Valplast today is backed by over 50 years of performance and experience.

Valplast’s flexibility allows partials to engage hard tissue undercuts, eliminating the need for metal clasps. The translucency of Valplast blends with natural tissue so the partial becomes almost inconspicuous in the mouth.

Valplast’s retentive properties allow partials to be made considerably smaller than conventional partials. Patients love the fact that their partial often does not have to cover the palatal area.
The unique flexibility of Valplast allows partials to be made thinner than acrylic partials without sacrificing strength.

Valplast + Metal Chrome framework
Valplast can be added to a metal chrome frame work for superior aesthetics and for more stability in the larger valplast jobs that require multiple saddles. All metal clasps can be replaced using valplast clasps eliminating unseemly metal clasps.

What is the difference between Valplast and other flexible materials?
All flexible partials exhibit some degree of flexibility, but others have also shown, depending on brand name, a high rate of breakage, excessive rigidity, opacity, inconsistency and unnatural colour properties. Valplast was engineered with just the right degree of flexibility to perform predictably well in its intended usage.

What kind of impression should I take for a Valplast partial?
A mucostatic impression taken with alginate is needed to yield a successful Valplast partial.

How easy is it to fit a Valplast denture?
Simply by placing the case in hot tap water – (~55˚C) for approximately one minute, you can achieve a very smooth insertion and an excellent adaptation to the natural tissues of the mouth. If a clasp isn’t fitting perfectly, you may adjust it slightly by immersing that area of the partial in very hot water (~90˚C)and bend the clasp outward or inward as needed then immediately clench under cold water to maintain adjustment. Patients need to be aware that after an extraction, the gum tissues may be a little more sensitive than usual and may require time and patience for ultimate comfort.

How do I adjust a Valplast partial?
Never use a carbide or metal bur. Chair side: With your hand piece at about 24,000 RPM (slow speed) and using a rapid back and forth motion, reduce the area causing discomfort. Fibres at the edges can be removed with a scalpel. Usually no polishing is needed. Codentech has burrs available on request if adjustment if necessary. Please call us before you go ahead with adjusting our Valplast dentures.

Are there some cases where Valplast is not suitable?
Yes. Valplast is only suitable for partial denture cases. There are also other instances where Valplast may not be suitable or an alternative design may work better over another. Our Valplast specialists can advise.

How do I care for a Valplast partial denture?
Valplast Corporation recommends the use of Val-Clean because it works better than anything available in chemists. Eventually chemist store cleaners will leave a film and a dull, lifeless surface. Consistent use of Val-Clean will preserve and even restore the intended appearance of the partial.

The Codentech Advantage

All work is remounted after processing and the occlusion refined using a semi –adjustable articulator eliminating occlusal adjustments.

Our immediate cases have soft liner processes into the deep undercut areas. Simply placing the denture in warm tap water for 1 min prior to insertion allows for an easier fit.

All our denture cases are processed in high impact Diamond D giving added strength providing saddle areas are well supported.

We use only top of the range Vita and Ivoclar teeth ensuring your patients receive superior aesthetics and longer lasting dentures.


Fitting immediate dentures is an act of faith, as once you extract your patient’s teeth you don’t get a second chance. You can be assured that Codentech’s immediate denture protocols will deliver accurate, aesthetic dentures with no surprises at the fit appointment.

Careful placement of soft acrylic in the undercut areas allows the denture to pass over the undercuts and seat without adjustment, utilising these undercuts for retention. Simply place the denture in hot tap water for 1 minute prior to insertion for an adjustment free fit.
All Codentech immediate dentures have a study model produced prior to commencement. Fastidious attention to detail ensures natural tooth placement is reproduced or changes made as requested. Optimal aesthetics are achieved by using Vita’s hand layered teeth


All our partial denture cases are surveyed, blocked out and processed on a gel duplicate model. They are then carefully fitted to your original model, ensuring adjustments at the fit appointment are minimal.

All partial dentures are made using Diamond D this allows minimal bulk but retains flexural strength.

  • Lifelike aesthetics
  • Hygienic design
  • High flexural strength – minimal bulk

All Codentech partial dentures are surveyed for optimal aesthetics and path of insertion, the models duplicated and the finished case carefully fitting to your original model. The occlusion is refined to produce a minimal adjustment fit.

Lifelike Aesthetics
Codentech partial dentures utilise Vitapan Classic and Ivoclar PE denture teeth as standard however we can supply most brands of teeth if requested.

Thoughtful design
All Codentech partials are designed to minimise periodontal damage. Open hygienic designs are favoured over gum stripping partial denture designs. Undercuts are measured and clasps are carefully placed for optimal retention. Wire strengtheners can also be added if required.

Snoring Appliances

When dealing with Snoring & Sleep Apnea cases a medical evaluation by a respiratory sleep physician should precede any dental intervention.
Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea are breathing disorders that can be a real problem not only for the snorer but for their partner and other family members. Snoring is a noise created by the partial closure of the airway and may be no more problematic than the noise itself. However, snoring may be indicative of a more serious disorder, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). OSA is a serious condition where the airway totally closes many times during the night and can significantly reduce oxygen levels in the body and disrupt sleep. In varying degrees, this can result in excessive daytime sleepiness, irregular high pressure, and increased risk of heart attack and stroke.
Codentech’s range of snoring appliances provide dentists who wish to offer solutions to snoring with predictable and durable appliances that can make a huge difference to your patient’s lives. Sleep appliances reduce or eliminate snoring by positioning the lower forward and opening the airway to allow air to flow more freely. Clinical studies* have shown that snoring is considerably reduced in more than 80% of patients wearing sleep appliances.

The Silensor -SL consists of one transparent splint for the upper jaw and one for the lower jaw. The lower jaw is either held in a predetermined position or advanced by 2 connectors that are fixed laterally to the splint. The Silensor-sl thus counteracts the narrowing of the respiratory tracts.
The velocity of the inspired air decreases and so do noise-generating vibrations of soft tissues. With the Silensor-sl jaw movements are possible but no falling back of the lower jaw. With this function the Silensor-sl is a comfortable and at the same time effective snore guard.
In the beginning patients may experience tension and increased salivation, however generally this soon decreases.
Regular check ups of patient are encouraged to monitor any tooth migration.
Info leaflet available to download.

The MDSA appliance is fabricated from a heat processed hard/soft combination acrylic. The upper splint has a hook mechanism incorporated into the palate of the splint and the lower splint has a plate that the hook mechanism connects into. The hook can be adjusted with a key to provide up to 10 mm of movement to optimise lower jaw advancement. The hard/soft acrylic construction ensures the appliance is very comfortable to wear and the adjustable hook allows the wearer to find the optimal level of advancement. The appliance allows patients to move laterally and vertically without disengaging the appliance.

The degree of protrusion of the lower jaw is best set by taking a construction bite set at 65-70% of maximum protrusion. At Codentech we make this easy by supplying a gauge that makes this procedure straightforward.

Please contact one of our knowledgeable staff on 09 377 6633 to order a gauge.

Chrome Partials

Please note all Metal Framework is outsourced by Codentech.

Acyrlic Partial Chrome
Acyrlic work is done in our Auckland Lab using Diamond D and Vitapan /Ivoclar Teeth

Valplast Partial Chrome
Valplast added to the metal framework eliminates the need for metal clasps and thereby enhancing the aesthetics for the patient as well as providing the rigidity. It is often a solution when a patient wants any free ends saddles valplast denture.